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As an Amazon associate company, we are driven by the desire to provide top quality beauty products from highly trusted & reputable sellers that provide authentic fragrances and cosmetics. Hence guaranteed to elevate personality and complete your look by adding elegance and glamour to your natural beauty. Our commitment to ensuring that you have a smooth shopping experience is evident in the manner in which we have categorized products/items. That is, you can easily shop by the number of positive reviews by customers or best seller brands. You will also be pleased to know that we only deal in products from Amazon as well as those sellers who have a commendable reputation. For this reason, the products on our site do not attract poor ratings and reviews from customers. Another reason why you should shop with us is that we only promote products from suppliers who record a high turnover and restock on a regular basis. This ensures the quality of the products remain uncompromised.

Researching the products, sorting them and give you pocket friendly prices is another reason that makes us stand out from competition. Finally, our site is easy to navigate hence you get to browse through the products for details and even make a purchase with ease.

Touch of Beauty – Beauty Products

Your well-being is not only about healthy living and inner beauty but also how you look on the outside. Your appearance and personality are significant when it comes to making the first impression. This is why you need to find the right Beauty Products, mainly fragrance (Perfume) and cosmetics that will enhance your looks without compromising your identity.
Even then, choosing the ideal products that suit your skin, complexion and personality can be difficult because there are millions of products out there that promise to transform your look. Our Beauty Products are designed for different skin types and personalities thus they take care of just about every need you can think of. When you purchase any of our product range, you can be sure of making a worthwhile investment. We specialize in the crème de la crème of Beauty Products that you can find including leading designer brands.
These products are tested to ensure safety and are proven to deliver the results you desire. Moreover, the range of Fragrances (Perfumes) and Cosmetic (Makeup) Products that we offer are selectively unique hence you can be sure to stand out from the crowd with both your appearance and scent.
We also offer you a guide to the products to ensure that you are fully aware of the products that you are investing your money in. Our Beauty Products guide is inspired by the need to ensure that you find that match your skin type as well as offer you value for money. For this reason our products are ethically sourced thus we guarantee you that they are of genuine quality as we strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied.
We engage expert beauticians to use the products and write reviews (as in Amazon) that serve as a guide when making the purchase decision. We also let clients that have previously purchased products from us leave to feedback and reviews of the products thereby eliminating bias. We also run promotional deals and offers on premier brands and manufacturers from time to time.


Wearing a good fragrance (perfume) will not only give you confidence and an identity but also command respect. Moreover, different scents affect people differently so you can go for a scent that is reflective of your mood and personality.
We have a collection of incredible scents under one roof. These include scents from some of the industry leaders as well as designer labels such as Dior and Gucci among others. Choosing your Fragrance : It is advisable to try different fragrance to see how well they work with your body chemistry before buying. This is because fragrances are a mix of aroma compounds and fragrant essential oils with the main difference being in the concentration of perfume content for different brands. Fragrance that last longer signify a higher percentage of perfume concentration.
When you have a good understanding of fragrance categories (Perfume, EDP, EDT, EDC), the next important thing is identifying a scent that will smell good when you wear it. You also must know how it is applied so that it does not have an over powering effect on those around you.
It is advisable to dab the fragrance in pulse points that include behind the knee and ears, the wrists and neckline. Go to FAQ page for more handy tips on Fragrances.


Learn To Speak The Language of Perfume
Most people who are out there are not well versed in scent speak. If you are one among them here is a quick guide.
Fragrances can be categorized into 4 major groups as below.
The key difference is how much perfume concentrate each contains. The higher the percentage of concentrate, the longer the scent lasts (and the higher the price).
Perfume : 15-30% ( typical 20%) concentration of perfume essence. It is the strongest fragrance available which means that not only do you need to use less, but also lasts longer than EDP.
Eau de Parfum (EDP) : 10-15% ( typical15%) concentration of perfume essence. It is lighter than Perfume but still has long lasting characteristics. It is less expensive than pure perfume and lasts longer than EDT
Eau de Toilette (EDT) : 5-20% (typical 10%) concentration of perfume essence. Lighter than EDP but lasts longer than EDC.
Eau de Cologne (EDC) : 3-5% concentration of perfume essence. It does not last longer when compared to the other three. A modern version of this eau de cologne is known as eau fraiche.


Womens Perfume

A particular perfume will tell a lot about your personality yet finding the right women’s perfume can be a difficult task. This is especially true when you are not sure where to begin and what to look for. Thus, we have an extensive collection of womens perfume that you can choose from what suits you. We help you compare different types of fragrances (perfumes) as well as brands in order to be able to make a choice meets your needs.
Whether you are interested in Women’s Best Selling Popular Perfumes, Celebrity Perfumes or Women’s Perfume Gift Sets you will find your ideal match from leading designer brands at our store. Apart from finding your favorite scent, you can also be sure to discover new perfumes that will let you hit a high note. You can choose your scent depending on the season. For instance, have lighter perfume during summer and transition to heavier notes perfume in winter. Knowing when to wear a certain perfume is important because it helps you set the right mood for whatever occasion that you are going to. Pick your favourite from our online perfume shop which has unparalleled collection of women’s designer fragrances.


Mens Perfume

We have an abundance of scents for mens perfume, cologne and aftershaves. Whether you are interested in woody of spicy notes, you can be sure to find in ideal perfume and cologne that will meet your needs. We have brands that are designed to inspire confidence while captivating the object of your desire.
Our Perfume Shop is current and has most top brand scents or even the latest designer Mens Perfume and cologne to spice up your routine and make a statement wherever you go. From attractive Aftershaves, Men’s Best Selling Popular Fragrances, Men’s Perfume Gift sets you can be sure to find a perfect scent from our collection of top brands.
The Mens Perfume and Cologne that we offer are of esteemed quality including top designer brands like Gucci, Dior, Chanel and Armani. Most of these brands are endorsed by celebrities hence you can be sure to make a statement when you wear them. Even then, you need to evaluate and understand your personal needs before making a purchase that blends well with your personality. Moreover, you also need to know which fragrances (Perfumes) are suitable for what occasion so that you wear the right perfume for the right occasion without going wrong.
We offer low competitive pricing for our unrivalled selection of Mens Perfume and Cologne that you cannot find on high street stores.


We are your one stop shop for all your Make up needs. Whether it is mascara, foundation or eye shadow, we have you covered. We know what good looks mean for ladies who love class and sophistication as well as those that simply want to enhance their natural girl next door appearance.
While applying Make up may not be an easy task for many, the secret lies in getting the right product. Do not be deceived into settling for a product that you are not sure about. When you have the right Make up, you can easily pull that celebrity look.
We strive to provide you information that you need in making informed decisions on the Make up products that you need for different looks. We save you the trouble of spending hours on the internet looking for information on various products by making information accessible though detailed coverage of various Make up.

Make up Tips to Consider

Here are few basic tips that you should consider before making a purchase:
• Identify products that will work for your skin type
• How to accentuate your features with Makeup
• Select colours that are suitable for your complexion
• How to restructure your Makeup routine and still get the look you desire
• How to look fabulous with a professionally applied Makeup
In short, know well the value of cosmetics in attaining a perfect look and complementing an already beautiful face. Shop with us from our range of cosmetics that include the following:


Make up Face

Face Make up products are a great way to get your day started as they emphasize your beauty. Whether you are looking for tinted moisturizer, foundation, face powder or under eye concealer, we have the right products for you. Discover our wide collection of Make up Face products from top brands for your shine free, even toned, flawless skin.
You do not have to be a professional make up artist to use these products as most of them such as mascara, eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, lipstick and eyeliner are easy to apply. Some of the brands that we stock include L’Oreal, Max Factor, Lancome and Revlon among others.


Lip makeup

Your lips are special. Our selection of lip makeup is not only designed to hydrate the lips but also protect them while giving them an irresistible gloss. Our unrivalled selection of lip makeup products from top brands includes lip lacquer, lip color, lip balm, lip stick and lip gloss in a range of shades that will let you create symmetrical lips.
The beauty of our range of lip makeup products is that they are sophisticated yet you can use them to cater for your needs on the go or even at home. Shop with us today for a stunning smile.


Eye makeup

Eye makeup is a great way of making a statement. Moreover, it also helps define your eyes. Frome brow liner to mascara we have a wide range of eye makeup products that will meet your needs on the go or at home. Shop from our range of brow pencils, eye liner, mascara, and eye shadow for eyes that entice such as bright eye and cat eye among others. Discover leading brand names in eye makeup such as L’Oreal, Max Factor, Maybelline and Sleek among others. Give your eyes a treat as you can never go wrong with these products.


Nail care

Keeping your fingernails clean and dry is not enough. Improve their look with a routing manicure using our range of manicure products from moisturizers to polish, nail art sticker, nail polish remover and lacquer. You can stock up all Nail care products that you need to keep your nails strong and healthy. When you have the right products, you can give yourself a salon worthy pedicure or manicure from the comfort of your home. This is not only convenient but it also means that you get to save yet look fabulous. Our range of Nail care products include nail polish, nail polish remover and starter kits among others.


Hair care

The glory of a woman is in her hair. In fact, hair is an extension of a woman’s identity. Where you colour it, cut it or keep it long, hair shows who you are. Therefore, Hair care should be an important part of your routine. The best way to take care of your hair is by maintain a good diet and using products that will make it stronger and healthier. We have a range of Hair care products that will meet all your Hair care needs. These include treatments, relaxers, conditioners, shampoos as well as oils that are carefully made for strong and healthy hair without depleting your hair’s natural oils.


Skin care

The skin is the largest organ of the body that must be taken care of well. While doctors’ advice that you take lots of water for healthy skin, it is also important to pamper your skin with Skin care products that will constantly revitalize your look. Some of the basic Skin care products that you need to consider adding to your collection include moisturizers, toners, cleansers, eye creams and serums among others. You can also buy the Skin care diagnostic tool to help you achieve a radiant and beautiful skin.


Makeup Accessories

Makeup Beauty accessories are an indispensable part of your daily beauty routine. We have a range of products that include brushes, makeup bags & cases, spa tools, makeup remover and other make up tools. Do not miss out on essential Beauty accessories such as tweezers, nail files, cleansing cloths and sponges etc among others listed in their relevant categories. There is no better place to shop for your Beauty accessories than our store. We have products from different brands to cater for all your needs. These include Beau Belle, Da Vinci, Danielle and Sigma Beauty among others. Get your Makeup Accessories today and enhance your makeup routine.

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